Who am I?

«I am me and my circumstances»
Ortega y Gasset

My name is Vander and I was born in a small town in southeastern Brazil called Piquete, in the state of São Paulo, bordering on the state of Minas Gerais, in the bosom of a simple and current family. Da Silva.

My eagerness to learn and discover brought me here, Bern, Switzerland, passing through more or less long resorts in other fantastic places, where I was lucky to discover cultures and very special people. We can summarize the route mainly in these 3 cities: São Paulo, Munich and Barcelona.

“I am me and my circumstances”, Ortega y Gasset: this well-known expression condenses a fundamental idea for me that explains to me to what extent I cannot separate what I am today from the places where I have been and where I am today and all its circumstances.

I work  as an architect in Fribourg, Switzerland. I studied Philosophy in Barcelona from 2009 to 2012. I have regularly participated in Socratic dialogues since 2010, and since 2013 as a facilitator as well.

I have multiple interests and unfortunately little time available to experience them all with equal intensity. I do what I can.

Contributions and questions are welcome! But only good ones!

Any  more questions?

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