Which border should I accept, which border should I cross?

There are many boundaries: not only geographical and political, but also institutional, legal and moral, but also boundaries of action and imagination, psychological boundaries or boundaries of the sphere of personality or of the personality itself, or boundaries of the deepest conviction.

How do we deal with borders when we are confronted with them? Do we accept them or do we question them? And how does that manifest itself? What does our decision depend on, on the nature of the border, on the outside world, for example the expected effect of the behaviour or on our own forces, or …?

This question was the topic of a Socratic Dialogue at the Carneval 2019 in Würzburg.

Text and facilitation of the dialogue: Dr. Gisela Raupach-Strey

Image: Giovanni Battista Piranesi – Veduta del Ponte Lugano