That’s logical! What does it mean “to be logical”?

“The whole history of logic is the definition of an acceptable concept of stupidity.” Umberto Eco: The Foucault Pendulum (p. 81). Munic 1989.

Certainly this statement does not correspond to the prior understanding that our common sense has of logic. The quotation refers to the tension we encounter in everyday life with regard to logic. This ranges from mythical worship to radical rejection. When we talk to ourselves or in dialogue about something being “logical”, it seems clear to us what we have just talked about and what we mean by that. But what is “being logical”? How do we determine “being logical”?

Using a non-mathematical example from the participants’ world, we will try to approach what is or could be “logical” for us.

That is (but) logical!

Text by Volker Rendez, GSP-Facilitator

This topic should be worked out in a Socratic dialogue  at the Carnival 2019 in Würzburg.
Unfortunately, it was canceled.

Image: Giovanni Battista Piranesi – Le Carceri d’Invenzione – Second Edition