What do I think when I look at the Victory Column?

Leonard Nelson – Power and impotence of reason.
The history of the impact of the philosopher Leonard Nelson

Conception and Organization: Barbara Neißer
Script and direction: Kai Böck
Narrator: Bernt Hahn

More clearly than ever before, we are becoming aware that we can neither secure a meaningful life nor the future of mankind without sound moral orientations in the relationship of human beings with each other and in the relationship between human beings and nature. Therefore, the reflection on theories which have ethical foundations and standards to offer politics is of great relevance.

The main scientific work in the life of the philosopher Leonard Nelson, born in Göttingen, consisted in the development of these theories. What distinguishes his biography and history of impact is his unrelenting effort to translate philosophical insights into practical action in order to create the conditions for a humane shaping of state and society.

This film is intended to review the exemplary combination of thoughts and deeds in Leonard Nelson’s personality and life and of the work of the communities he created.

Running time approx. 53 min.

© 1997 by Philosophisch-Politische Akademie e.V. Bonn http://www.philosophisch-politische-akademie.de

Image: Camille Pissarro – Hampton Court Green